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Physical Education and Sports Funding

Our Vision

It is our goal at Gooseacre to ensure children have the opportunity to compete in a range of sports, safe in the knowledge that whilst winning and victory will be celebrated, failure and difficulty in tasks is not something to be afraid of. As with all subjects in the curriculum, children will face areas they may find difficult, but they will face these areas in a supportive and encouraging environment. Our hope is that this outlook and ethos will encourage children to develop and grow without being afraid of challenges in life.

The Curriculum

Through the development of external links with other academies and schools, and working closely with our resident professional sports coach, Gooseacre academy have strived to provide a curriculum which covers all the fundamental needs of a developing sporting child, whilst also offering the opportunity to participate in a range of varied sports and skills. The P.E. budget is being employed to ensure that the correct coaching and equipment is being utilized to allow all children access to this range of sports.

Recent successes in football and basketball competitions have fostered an increased drive for participation amongst the children, who have requested more opportunities for competitions and friendly games with other schools and academies. Gooseacre Academy wants to encourage this sense of healthy participation and sportsmanship and so we are working closely with other local institutions to develop sporting opportunities.

The Equipment

The P.E budget is being utilized to ensure we provide children with the very best in coaching and curriculum assets, and this also extends to sporting equipment.


2016/2017 Funding

The Sports Grant amount received for 2016-17 is £9.060


2015/16 Funding 

The Sports Grant amount received for 2016-17 is £9.195


GA Sports Funding Impact 2015-16

pdf iconGooseacre Sports Funding.pdf (348.1KB)

Evaluating the school sports funding 2015

GASports Funding 14-15